What We do


We help our members connect, grow, and thrive by offering high caliber events, world-class training sessions, and endless opportunities for business development. Our prairie landscape, plentiful resources, and world-class facilities enable bioscience companies to thrive. Our role within this industry is to help connect companies, enable businesses to reach beyond their borders, and provide organizations with resources to accomplish their goals.

As a BAM member, you receive access to exclusive benefits, which include special event invitations, free job postings, and advertising through our digital marketing channels. BAM members are also eligible for discounts on local and international conferences, industry training sessions, travel and rooming accommodations, and office supplies.

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Bioscience Industry

Manitoba’s bioeconomy is strong. We operate in an industry of over 170 bioscience organizations. These organizations have generated $2.5 billion dollars into Manitoba’s economy and currently employ over 5,600 workers.

In our 2017 Industry Survey, we determined that Manitoba’s bioscience sector contributed to the economy through its high share of exports. 82% of our $2.5B in annual revenues are exports, directly increasing Manitoba’s GDP.