Clean Biotech

What is Clean Biotechnology?

Clean biotechnology uses environmentally beneficial alternatives to conventional products that are as good for the economy as they are for the planet.

Clean biotechnology applies the science of biotechnology for: Creating and producing alternative energy, developing a range of sustainable biomaterials/industrial product and bioremediation

Industrial products are everyday items, ranging from auto body parts to fabrics and specialty papers. Products fall into the following categories:biofuels and bioenergy, biofibres and biomaterials, and biochemicals. Clean biotechnology transforms microorganisms, plants, and their components into new products. Work within this area includes fuel made from marine algae, agricultural growth enhancers extracted from seaweed, and cellulose-based chemicals.

Manitoba is ideally positioned to capitalize on the emerging bioproducts revolution and secure a leading position in the new bioeconomy. Our province produces tonnes of biomass from agriculture and forestry and enjoys a diverse and competitive bioscience industry.


Clean Biotech – includes Bioenergy, Biochemicals, Biomass Fuels, and Biomaterials