Ag Biotech

Agriculture Biotechnology in Manitoba

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What is Ag Biotech 

Agricultural Biotechnology (Ag Biotech) focuses on developing and commercializing innovations and tools related to agricultural plants or animals for the purpose of increasing yields, production efficiencies and/or impacts and/or improving nutritional profiles.

Ag Biotech companies work in the areas of plant genomics, digital agriculture, health treatments for animals, and soil health. 


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Top Reasons to Explore a Career in Ag Biotech

World population is growing, and the demand for food and intelligent agriculture are just two of the key global challenges facing us today.

  • Ag Biotech is a growing industry

Canada wide, each year between 2022 and 2026, there will be a shortage of about 1,100 individuals to fill jobs requiring agriculture degrees.

  • Ag Biotech requires innovative technology

There is an increasing demand for highly educated and skilled workers to keep up with advances in Ag Biotech related sciences and engineering.

Drones, robots, AI, apps, GIS, and GPS systems are some related innovative technologies.

  • Diverse job opportunities and rewarding professions

Careers vary from Crop Engineer, Agronomist, Entomology, Farm Equipment Operators and more. There are a wide range of jobs in Ag Biotech industries.

  • Increased job opportunities

Canada has 270,000 workers in agriculture industries, including 55,000 temporary foreign workers. The primary sector grew by 4.5% in real terms from November 2019 to November 2020. Agriculture accounted for 2.1% of total gross domestic products in November 2020 and is a strong driver of economic activity in rural areas. In a rapidly growing industry, more qualified workers are needed. (Source: Statistics Canada)


Top 10 Jobs in Ag Biotech 

  1. Agrologists
  2. Agronomist
  3. Animal Biotechologist
  4. Crop Systems Specialist
  5. Entomologist
  6. Environmental Engineer
  7. Food Technologist
  8. Microbiologist
  9. Plant Scientist/ Field Agronomist
  10. Soil Scientist

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Explore a Career in Ag Biotech Videos

Cytophage Technologies Inc.

- Dr. Steven Theriault, CEO and CSO

 XiteBio Technologies Inc.

- Dr. Manas Banerjee, President and CEO

- D'Andre De Leon, Lab Technician

- Selina Anderson, Lab Technician 


Program and Courses 

Are you starting your career, or looking to upgrade your knowledge and skills? Here is a list of courses and programs available at colleges and universities in Manitoba.


Assiniboine Community College 

Financial Aid & Awards | Registrar's Office

Click here for a variety of scholarships and bursaries for students in full-time programs.

RRC Polytech's Prairie Research Kitchen

The Prairie Research Kitchen brings together a unique blend of food science and culinary arts to support food processors and food service providers through research and development, technical services, and training. 

Research and Development

  • Rapid Prototyping 
  • Food Service Application, Testing and Development 
  • Food equipment demonstrations
  • Consumer Research
  • Food Process Improvements
  • Clinical Trials and Product Development 

Technical and Business Services

  • Student-led Recipe Development
  • Food Styling and Photography
  • Sample Preparation/ Trade Show Support
  • Access to Resources, Funding and More

Training and Knowledge Diffusion

  • Corporate On-site and In-house Training
  • Safety and Processing Training
  • Networking Events
  • Awards and Financial Aids

Awards and Financial Aid Office

The RRC Polytech's Awards and Financial Aid Office provides a number of support services for students, including information on financial assistance programs available to Manitoba students. Click here for more.

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences develops people and ideas in support of providing food, bio-resources and services that benefit our society, the environment, and the agri-food sector. 

Undergraduate programs

Graduate programs

Awards and Financial Aid

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences offers numerous awards, bursaries and prizes to students enrolled in the programs offered by the faculty. Learn more

Wage Subsidy Programs

Wage subsidy programs are available to assist with hiring co-op students. Click here for more details. 

Business Pathways

Manitoba Agriculture has launched the new Business Pathways website dedicated to entrepreneurs, with a focus on food processors to provide connections, tools, and resources to help businesses succeed through all stages of growth. 

Click here for more details. 


AGPAL Program and Service Finder

AgPal helps farmers and agri-businesses find relevant resources by gathering agricultural information and presenting it all in one place. Search and navigation tools make it quick and easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Find programs, services, market intelligence, research and more! 

AgPal is a web-based discovery tool developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). 


4-H Manitoba

4-H is an international youth and volunteer organization. It’s a program that provides members with the resources and activities to build self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills while learning about a topic of their choice.

Each member picks a project and works with a volunteer leader to develop their skills related to the project of choice. In Manitoba there are over 90 interesting hands-on projects like beef, photography, outdoor living, machines, crafts and more!

Beyond projects there are also club activities, provincial events and travel opportunities where members can meet new people, build friendships and have fun!

Today, 4-H clubs in Manitoba are driven by thousands of 4-H members and volunteers, plus a strong partnership with Manitoba Agriculture.