Industrial Technology Centre

The Industrial Technology Centre (ITC) helps organizations to apply innovative tools and practices to improve products, increase productivity, and boost competitiveness. ITC provides engineering, technical, advisory, and information services in many sectors, including: Aerospace, Transportation, Health, Energy, Environment, General Manufacturing, Building, Architecture, and Construction.

ITC provides specialized services such as Calibration, Custom Data Acquisition, Equipment Rental, Lottery Ticket Testing, Mechanical Testing, Modeling & Simulation, Noise Measurement & Analysis, Vibration Measurement & Analysis, and Visualization. ITC’s professional staff and full-service technical library help companies get the information they need to be successful. ITC's Technology Awareness and Advisory Services are provided at little or no cost; Product Development, Testing, and Calibration services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

ITC works with researchers and companies in the life science sector to provide general material and product testing as well as very specific services, such as data acquisition, bio-safety training and simulation tools, and 3D visualization of biological imaging data.

Contact Info

200-78 Innovation Drive Winnipeg R3T 6C2 MB Canada
P: 1 204 480 3333
F: 1 204 480 0345