Vista Medical Ltd./PatienTech

Vista Medical manufactures a Stretchable and Breathable Smart pressure sensing fabric.  Uses include consumer bedding, hospital bed sore prevention, concussion sensors in helments for NCAA football teams, balance sensors for stroke rehab and PGA Pro golfers and a host of other creative applications. 

New Smart Fabric stretch Sensors in the New BodiTrak product line changes the way pressure mapping can be used.

Smart stretchable, breathable pressure sensors sensors can be integrated into the surface of healthcare and consumer bedding to monitor and control the surface, continuosly adapting to protect a person from tissue trauma or to provide a better nights sleep witth ReST Smart Beds. With a sensor in place BodiTrak can also gather metris on respiration, body posiion and body movement patterns.

BodiTrak Smart fabric sensors are also used. for 

BodiTrak sensors are also used in Rehabilitation Medicine ne around the world for wheelchair seating.  New applications expand its use to fall prevention,  and balance retraining.

BodiTrak systems are easy to use, designed for integration and are affordable.  The imagination is the only limitation of how these sensors can be used.

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