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Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. is a late clinical-stage company advancing a broad pipeline of novel anti-cancer agents based on our Targeted Protein Therapeutics (TPTs) platform. Our TPTs genetically combine targeting antibody fragments with cytoxic protein payloads to create a single fusion protein through Eleven's proprietary one-step manufacturing process.

We have designed TPTs with the potential to offer:

  • Multiple advantages in treating cancer over traditional antibody drug conjugates.
  • Effective tumor targeting with cancer cell-killing properties unique to protein payloads versus small molecules, using our rational approach to therapeutics design for TPTs.
  • The dual action of the TPT protein cytotoxic to both kill directly and promote a local inflammatory anti-tumor immune response, suggesting that TPTs will combine well with immune oncology drugs.
  • Enhanced linker stability and more efficient and cost effective manufacturing process, based on TPT’s fusion protein construction.

Contact Info

147 Hamelin Street Winnipeg R3T 3Z1 MB Canada
P: 1 204 478 1023
F: 1 204 452 7721