Sightline Innovation Inc.

Sightline Innovation has developed a data trust and an applied artificial intelligence (“AI”) platform that enables enterprises to control their data, derive value from data, and gain better insight from existing data sources in real-time across multiple business units.  The Company provides its AI capability through its proprietary and patented platforms. Sightline Innovation Datatrust (“SID”) and Sightline Innovation Machine Learning for Optimal Networks (“SIMON”).


SID creates a circle of trust for data. It is the only AI software solution that enables data sovereignty, without erosion of control of data, and without owners being forced to move to a cloud provider. SID is a trusted alternative to centralized data lakes for data partners to share data and perform advanced analytics at scale. It provides the ability for data partners to share data securely in a virtual data exchange facility.

SIMON provides AI in real-time. A horizontal platform that captures data from existing data sources in any business process and builds complex, AI analysis models that ultimately support and execute on the decision making process. SIMON’s ability to integrate with any enterprise information system and any type of sensor data is a significant competitive advantage over other AI platforms on the market. SIMON ensures data sovereignty and integrity, where data remains in place, due to numerous robust policy controls. SIMON delivers superior results through four main AI models: data fusion, visual understanding, language understanding, and graph learning which can be deployed in any industry context.

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