Canadian Copacking Group Inc.

The Canadian Copacking Group Inc. is a copacking and order fulfilment services company that provides contract manufacturing for dry and liquid products in a HACCP facility. Canadian CPG services include storage, warehouse logistics, order picking and order filling, tracking and traceability programs, and international shipping. 

Canadian CPG Consulting is a speciality professional group consisting on P. Eng process engineers, certified PMP for Project Management, MBA's, and Project Advisors that build efficiencies and process into your business plan, automation project, or regulatory approvals. Our services include operational audits, discrete event analysis, line expansions, automation and vendor analysis, CAD design services, food safety write ups and implementations, project control and process control, business mapping, investment capital structuring and strategic planning. 


Process Design and FlexSim(tm) Modeling 

What can Discrete Event Computer Modelling do for your business?

• Analytical

» identify a bottleneck

» size a production system

» count the number of stock-outs


• Predictive

» anticipate the impact of an increase in production

» test a production order schedule

» choose alternative capital investments


• Communication

» demonstrate the potential of new equipment

Contact Info

70 de Baets Street Winnipeg R2J 3S9 MB Canada
P: (403) 671-9927