Cibinel Architecture Ltd.

Cibinel Architecture is a professional consulting firm located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offering personalized service to institutional, corporate, and commercial clients. Having grown into a respected design studio, they focus on innovative solutions that embody meaning in their design.

Cibinel Architecture attracts clients with unique design challenges who are looking for leading-edge solutions to building designs. The firm takes a holistic look at the project and its context – the cultural, social, and economic environment; the client’s functional and unique needs; budget and schedule constraints; detail development and construction techniques; as well as the overall mission of the client and post-occupancy satisfaction. It is this understanding that guides the design through to a responsive solution.

The firm is both multi-dimensional and integrated. The 18-person team includes senior-level architects and recent graduates, senior technical specialists; a LEED accredited professional, in-house interior designers and graphics specialists.

Since its inception, Cibinel has pursued designs that enable and encourage personal and physical well-being. We create spaces that encourage community engagement, where people can come together and exchange ideas – places where people enjoy being and are able to thrive and grow.  Cibinel had its roots in 1993, in the partnership of Corbett Cibinel Architects; incorporating as Cibinel Architects Ltd., in 2008, and establishing Cibinel Architecture Ltd., to carry on the practice in 2015.

Contact Info

560 Academy Road Winnipeg R3N 0E3 MB Canada
P: (204) 989-8910