GelEntroCeutics Inc.

GelEntroCeutics Inc. (GelEntro) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused on making “Intrinsically Acid Resistant Enteric Soft-Gelatin Capsules”.

Soft-Gels are among the most attractive solid dosage forms and Enteric Soft-Gels protect acid-labile active Pharmaceutical ingredients and avoid gastric irritation and reflux.
GelEntro also offers non-Gelatin (herbal) model of these capsules specifically designed for those who have diet restrictions or are vegetarian.

Our formulation can be adapted for both Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries and ultimately will help out many generic Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies to tap into a new market.

Contact Info

300-136 Market Ave. Winnipeg MB R3B 3N2 Canada
P: (204) 557-2334