Clean Biotech


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Clean Biotech Includes Bioenergy, Biochemicals, Biomass fuels and Biomaterials.

The CLEAN BIOTECH sector uses materials from or with living organisms to generate new value-added products, with the goal to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Clean Biotech companies work in the areas of renewable fuels, industrial bioproducts and bioremediation technologies.





  • Clean Biotech is a growing industry
  • The use of clean technologies is increasing year over year across industries


From 2019 to 2021, Manitoba’s clean biotech sector experienced a $105 million growth in revenue, reaching a total of $731 million in 2021.


  •  Diverse job opportunities and rewarding professions


 1.       The Drive to Net Zero Emissions by 2050

  • Canada, along with all other G7 nations, is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This will impact all regions and populations of Canada through strengthening the economy with sustainable jobs and clean industrial growth.

2.       Manitoba’s Road to Resilience

  • Manitoba’s plan to decarbonize by 2050. These adjustments to current energy usage will require many different workers to adapt current fuel usage and also to education and persuade the general population to change their current behaviours.

3.       It is a growing industry

  • Opportunities abound from science majors through to business analysis and project management. New opportunities are being developed every day. Many clean biotech jobs are just being developed or have not been created, yet.  



NOTE: As the clean biotech industry is an emerging industry, many of these jobs will pivot to become applicable to the biomass, biofuel, and biotech as the industry grows. Exciting opportunities exist for new graduates as well as seasoned workers.

1.       Quality Assurance Technologist

2.       Soil Engineer

3.       Biotechnology Engineer

4.       Production Supervisor / Manager

5.       Biofuel Production Manager

6.       Biofuels Plant Manager

7.       Bioinformatician


Program and Courses


Are you starting your career, or looking to upgrade your knowledge and skills? Here is a list of courses and programs available at colleges and universities in Manitoba.

Brandon University

Faculty of Science


Red River College Polytech

Architectural/Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology

Environmental Engineering Technology


University College of the North

Faculty of Arts, Business and Science


University of Manitoba

Faculty of Engineering

Biosystems Engineering Program

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Agriculture


University of Winnipeg

Faculty of Science