The following BAM Member Companies are providing the following private COVID testing options.

COVID-19 Testing

*Be aware that Bioscience Association Manitoba does not provide COVID-19 Testing.* 


Private Testing for Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Individuals 

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BioScision Diagnostics is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba for COVID-19 testing. Swabbing and testing happens at the same location, reducing the time from test to results. BioScision Diagnostics uses a Gold Standard PCR-based testing system that is authorized by Health Canada.

To book testing services (for Workplace or Travel), please email at or call 204-633-7303




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Founded in 2012, Intrinsic Analytics is Manitoba’s premier bioinformation services provider. We are dedicated to the health and safety of Manitobans by offering the following:

Lab-based, Health Canada Approved, RT-PCR assays for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
Same-day results
COVID-19 Outbreak Response Programs, Workplace Surveillance Programs, and Fit-to-Fly COVID-19 RT-PCR tests for air-travel
For more information about our COVID-19 suite of services or to book a test, please call us at 204-258-1500 or email: subject: COVID-19



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Star is now offering rapid testing for asymptomatic clients in Winnipeg and Surrounding during days, evenings, and weekends. Get your antigen or antibody test results within 15 minutes. 

To book test services, please call 204-237-9341 or email



Testing of PPE Devices

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Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC) offers a broad range of testing services for evaluating personal protective equipment including particle filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability, fluid impermeability, and personalized face-fit testing.

Internationally recognized standards are followed meticulously to ensure accuracy of our results when evaluating your products. If a non-standard test is needed, our engineering team will develop and incorporate modifications to suit your specific product and data needs.


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Testing Equipment and PPE

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Precision ADM is offering COVID-19 Medical Testing equipment and PPE. Are you looking for:

  • CANSWAB™ Nasopharyngeal Swabs
  • Precision AIR™ Reusable N95-level Masks
  • Single-use 3-ply Medical Masks Other
  • Other?

They stand with our healthcare providers and critical service workers and have scaled up and are manufacturing hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 testing swabs and PPE equipment. Centrally located in North America and are able to fill large orders in short time frames.


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Sterilizing Supplies & PPE

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Delta-9 has has developed and validated new proprietary decontamination equipment, the “Decontamination Pod” (or D-Pod), which can be used to decontaminate medical supplies, PPE, and other equipment

The D-Pod is the first innovation of Delta 9’s grow pod business unit which can be used as a tool in the fight against COVID-19. The Company is now developing additional technologies which can decontaminate equipment at low temperatures and modular storage and transport units which can be used to store and distribute vaccines while maintaining quality and stability.


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