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It’s Bioscience Association Manitoba’s goal to act as a catalyst for innovation. Achieving this begins with you. BAM’s events are tailored to meet your needs, from providing you with world-class business opportunities, to enriching social events. BAM’s compelling events enable you to achieve excellence. Jump on the chance to develop strategic partnerships, explore new regions, create global awareness, and develop your skills. The hard part begins with choosing which event you’ll attend next.

Developing Marketing Opportunities

Learn everything you need to know about improving your sales and business development approach and, confidently, making better sales pitches!

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CSAE Manitoba Breakfast - Cannabis in the Workplace

The Canadian Society of Association Executives have organized this workshop to inform employers on the role of drug and alcohol policy in creating safe and accommodating workplaces

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Career Café

Get professional opinions on how to enhance your resume, cover letter, CV, online presence, and present in an interview. Get advice on gaining experiences that are transferable across occupational areas and learn about skills highly sought after by the employer community.

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Agricultural Excellence Conference

The Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) is an annual event taking place in a different location every year across Canada. This year marks the 5th year of the conference where it return to where it started - Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Managing Workplace Diversity

An organization’s success and competitiveness depends upon its ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits. When organizations actively assess their handling of workplace diversity issues, develop and implement diversity plans, multiple benefits are reported.

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As of October 17, 2018, Canada became the first G7 country to fully legalize recreational cannabis. Has legalization impacted your workplace? This conference aims to provide more clarity on this.

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Public Talk: Rick Mangat, Co-Inventor of the SPY Imaging System, at University of Manitoba

Rick Mangat, the founder of Novadag Global (acquired for $1 billion Canadian by Stryker Corporation) and a former University of Manitoba researcher will be speaking at a Public Talk on November 30th

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Business Luncheon with David Hughes

At this luncheon, Dr. David Hughes will be sharing insights into new opportunities in the global plant protein industry and how these opportunities could impact Canadian businesses and consumers. 

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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service is the life line of any business and it is not just a department. We are aware of the fact that “Great Service = Delighted Customer = Prosperous Business”. 86% of U.S. adults are willing to pay more for a better customer experience; 73% of U.S.adults said a friendly customer service made them fall in love with a brand.

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REGISTER TODAY - LIMITED SEATS -Leadership Development Program 2019

Leadership Development Program is designed for individuals who aspire to become leaders, transition to a leadership role or develop new leadership skills. It is the ideal program for current managers, supervisors or CEO's who are looking to strengthen their skill-sets and emotional intelligence.

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Enhance your MICROSOFT EXCEL Skills by learning how to organize your worksheets, use advanced formulas, work with charts and apply different formatting styles!

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