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Women In STEM: Build Your Competitive Advantage

Did you know, only 25% of senior executive roles in Canadian STEM organizations are occupied by women? This is a far cry from the 59% of Canadian STEM graduates who are women.

Studies show that top female executives rank highest in professional and leadership skills such as coaching, emotional intelligence and authenticity. Learn how to maximize your leadership skills. 

This program provides research-based content that focuses on the skills essential for career advancement: authenticity, coaching, emotional intelligence, mentorship and effective communication. Join us for 2 full day sessions followed by 7 one-on-one executive coaching sessions. These personalized sessions will enhance your professional and personal growth. 

Create a personalized management plan with your coach and earn a certificate from the International Coaching Federation. You will also receive the opportunity to network with other successful women and share strategies for success.  

Why Choose This Program: 

  • For 6 months, you will receive personal coaching and mentorship from successful women in executive roles who will work with you to ensure your continued growth. 
  • Sessions are research-based and focus on issues that are most critical for career advancement  
  • Build connections and develop relationships with other technical women in the two full-day sessions. 
  • You will master the understanding of your own emotional intelligence level by completing two emotional intelligence (EQ-i2.0 pre and post) assessments.
  • Results are confidential between you and your coach.  
  • The program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation for 9 CPD hours and each participant will be awarded a Certificate 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Improve your performance by strengthening your leadership skills 
  • Lead diverse teams and create a culture of support amongst team members 
  • Change management strategies that can help you share your vision and communicate effectively with your team members 
  • Handle difficult management situations with greater certainty in your decisions 

Feedback from Past Participants:

  • "I learnt how to empower fellow employees and guide them to their solutions other than taking on the solutions myself."
  • "This course taught me about the importance of being a better listener."
  • "I've learnt how to be assertive, have a non-judgemental attitude and control my impulses."

Who Should Enroll:  
Highly recommended for current managers, team leaders, supervisors, and CEOs who want to advance in their role by exercising their competitive advantage and strengthening their leadership skills. 
YOUR PRICING: $1500.00  
Regular pricing $2500.00 

  • 2 full day in-class sessions – February 4th and 5th - 8:30 am till 4 pm 
  • One-on-One confidential coaching over a 6-month period 
  • Pre and Post EQ-i 2.0 assessment and debrief 
  • Certificate for 9 CPD hours accredited by the International Coaching Federation  

Location: 1000 Waverley Street, Training Room 103