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Leading Workplace Diversity & Inclusion – Ideas you can use today!

Leading Workplace Diversity & Inclusion – Ideas you can use today!

So much of what it takes to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace is about approaching tasks every company should do anyway, but in much more a thoughtful and deliberate way. Leaders won’t ever be perfect or done working towards inclusivity, but the journey is so worth it. In this session, Leaders will learn how to cultivate trust and overcome barriers—and to implement practical strategies to develop and contribute to diverse, multicultural teams for improved business performance and results.

By the end of the session, Leaders will:

  • Have a better understanding of what is meant by Diversity & Inclusion and equality versus equity in the workplace,
  • Articulate the business case and benefits of Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Recognize one’s biases and assumptions and how they impact inclusivity,
  • Explore challenging situations which can result in fostering inclusivity with those you lead, and
  • Take away practical ways of demonstrating and applying inclusivity within the organization and your team.


When: May 11, 2021

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where: Virtual via zoom

Facilitator: Melenie Olfert

Melenie is a diversity and intercultural practitioner, presenter, and trainer with more than 10 years of facilitation experience to a variety of audiences. Melenie holds several certificates on adult education and diplomas in Business and Human Resources Management as well as an acknowledgement from the recognized Diversity & Intercultural training program with the Province of Manitoba. She has co-authored workplace resources used by organizational leaders across the province and is the co-facilitator of the Language Interpreter Training Program. 

Melenie has delivered training and developed curriculum in the areas of diversity and inclusion, respectful workplace, leadership skills, positive coaching, and employee motivation and well-being. 

Further to her training experience, Melenie is an Instructor with the University of Winnipeg, Professional, Applied, and Continuing Education Program where she teaches the course - Cultural Dimensions and Environmental Influences.

  • $120.00 (Members pay $75.00)