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"Almost Out Of The Woods" July Summer Networking

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Mid-Summer Networking! 

As the summer progresses, let’s once again set aside some time to get together. Our Networking events are the premier events of the summer, and we hope to bring everyone together to have an afternoon filled with great presentations and conversations. 


Virtual Tours

Join us as we take a tour of the facilities of some of our member companies. These members will be our guides as we get an inside look into these exclusive facilities from the comfort of our own homes. 

  • Delta 9 Bio-Tech

Delta 9 Bio-Tech is committed to creating and producing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products with sustainable and standardized production practices.

The company strives to provide its clients with friendly customer service, ongoing educational materials, fast delivery, and a compassionate care program.

Its goal is to raise the profile of cannabis as medicine, bridging the gap between anecdotal benefits and evidence-based medicine.

  • Prairie Fava

Prairie Fava is an agri-food ingredient company located in Glenboro, Manitoba founded by Hailey & Cale Jefferies. Prairie Fava supplies fava bean ingredients to food processing & manufacturing companies. Processing began in 2017 shortly after Cale Jefferies joined his 5th generation family seed business - Jefferies Seeds.  Through this connection with Jefferies Seeds, an exciting opportunity with fava beans in the food market is being realized. Prairie Fava and Jefferies Seeds represents a unique linkage between farmers and food manufacturing and processing companies – both of whom are motivated to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based protein.

  • 3 Guys Greens Inc

3 Guys Greens Inc. is Manitoba's first commercial indoor vertical hydroponic farm based in Winnipeg, MB.

Founded by Scott Hyndman and Adam Dudek in 2016, the innovative partners have designed and improved indoor vertical hydroponic technology in the pursuit of providing sustainable local agriculture and making it available year-round.

3GG Inc. has consistently provided fresh produce to Winnipeg's best chefs and restaurants since 2017 and is now focusing on local and national retail markets.


Join us on Airmeet!

Once again, we are using Airmeet as the hosting platform for our networking event. If you don't know, Airmeet acts as a pseudo-banquet hall to provide breakout rooms or 'tables,' to provide places where people can connect one-on-one or in larger groups!


More details to come