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Anti-Racism Workshop with Priti Shah

Over the past two years, racism has been front and centre in the news. Many people are expressing shock and outrage regarding incidents of racism and hate right here in Manitoba. People are grappling with terms such as privilege, unconscious bias, micro-aggressions and systemic racism, wondering where to ask their questions and what to say and do.  At the same time, we know that people who experience racism can be traumatized by the inaction of bystanders as most people freeze up when they witness incidents of racism, largely due to a lack of skills. Join us to build awareness and develop your skills

This two part live virtual workshop will examine:

* identifying the fears in addressing race;

* understanding key terminology;

* the history of racism and colonialism in Canada;            

* identifying the four types of  Racism/Discrimination: Internalized, Interpersonal, Systemic & Institutional

* internalized racism

* the role of privilege and power. 

* how to be aware of and reduce unconscious bias  and micro-aggressions;

* strategies for dealing with systemic racism

* how to interrupt racism and tackle uncomfortable conversations;

* how each person can expand their leadership skills to create safer communities

2 Sessions: 3 hours each

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Priti Shah is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, investigator, trainer and facilitator and  the CEO of PRAXIS Conflict Consulting in  Winnipeg. Since 1997, PRAXIS has specialized in providing organizations and individuals with affordable and effective dispute resolution, facilitation and education services. In a one-stop shop, Priti’s clients have access to legal advice, arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conciliation.  Education services focus upon empowering individuals to problem solve as well as to build inclusive and respectful environments.  Priti is also widely respected for her expertise in the fields of human rights, harassment and cultural diversity.  PRAXIS’ consulting services include human rights investigations, employment equity audits, policy development, coaching,  strategic planning, meeting facilitation and board development.   PRAXIS Conflict Consulting is pleased to deliver a full range of services combining legal knowledge with cross-cultural understanding.

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