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It’s Bioscience Association Manitoba’s goal to act as a catalyst for innovation. Achieving this begins with you. BAM’s events are tailored to meet your needs, from providing you with world-class business opportunities, to enriching social events. BAM’s compelling events enable you to achieve excellence. Jump on the chance to develop strategic partnerships, explore new regions, create global awareness, and develop your skills. The hard part begins with choosing which event you’ll attend next.

REGISTER TODAY - LIMITED SEATS -Leadership Development Program 2019

Leadership Development Program is designed for individuals who aspire to become leaders, transition to a leadership role or develop new leadership skills. It is the ideal program for current managers, supervisors or CEO's who are looking to strengthen their skill-sets and emotional intelligence.

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Building a High Performing Team

Is your team working toward the same goals and have a solid trust in each other? Are they clear on how to work together, accomplish tasks and have accountability? Are you retaining excellent staff?

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