Training & Events

It’s Bioscience Association Manitoba’s goal to act as a catalyst for innovation. Achieving this begins with you. BAM’s events are tailored to meet your needs, from providing you with world-class business opportunities, to enriching social events. BAM’s compelling events enable you to achieve excellence. Jump on the chance to develop strategic partnerships, explore new regions, create global awareness, and develop your skills. The hard part begins with choosing which event you’ll attend next.

Enterprise UX: Growing Your Team

Learn how to grow UX in your organization from being a fad to a central component of the decision-making process.

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2019 MEIA Waste Diversion Workshop

As part of the 2019 Manitoba Recycling and Waste Reduction Forum, MEIA will once again be hosting a half-day workshop on an emerging waste diversion issue and opportunity.

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Recruiting, Interviewing & Selecting Your Staff

Learn how to describe the steps involved in the entire recruitment process and make sound hiring decisions - from placing the ad to conducting effective candidate interviews.

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Building a High Performance Team

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to clearly define the characteristics of a high performing team and the team dynamics that are involved in the four stages of team development. You will learn how to effectively manage conflict with and between team members. 

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PSG 2019 Fall Conference Presents CANNABIS: Where We Grow From Here…

Join the PSG (Pharmaceutical Sciences Group) for 3 informative and interactive days where we will highlight the current state of the Canadian Cannabis Industry as well as discuss what will be coming down the pipeline in this space.

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Manitoba Funding Day

This is an opportunity for businesses, from across the province, to meet with key representatives of funding and partnership programs and to secure the resources they need to grow.

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Advancing Value-Based Healthcare in Manitoba

Join us for an opportunity to engage directly with healthcare supply chain leaders, procurement and value analysis specialists to better understand how they are delivering value to Manitoba patients and healthcare workers; understand their challenges and how you can contribute to the overall success of Health System Transformation in Manitoba.

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Alberta Funding Day

Funding Day is an opportunity for Alberta companies to develop strategic partnerships, gain access to funding and secure the resources they need to grow their businesses.   

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Building A Respectful Workplace

It is essential for leaders and employees to understand their rights responsibilities and beliefs; and how their actions can contribute to building a respectful workplace. This half-day workshop will ensure leaders and employees alike, know what a respectful workplace environment can and should look like.

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Effectively Managing Change and Transition

For organizational changes to be successful, it is important for employees to highly motivated and willing to make contributions. This session will teach you the strategies you need to facilitate positive changes in your organization.

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