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It is Bioscience Association Manitoba’s goal to act as a catalyst for innovation. Achieving this begins with you.

BAM’s events are tailored to meet your needs, from providing you with world-class business opportunities, to enriching social events. BAM’s compelling events enable you to achieve excellence. Develop strategic partnerships, explore new regions, develop your workforce and personal development skills, and create global awareness.

  Funding Provided by:

The Government of Canada
The Manitoba government

AGRI Tech Venture Forum

Join us in Toronto for the 2022 AGRI Tech Venture Forum!

Ag-tech, Conference, Networking Event


Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference

The University of Manitoba is hosting its first Indigenous Science Conference, 2022 Turtle Island Indigenous Science Conference with a focus on the Indigenous approach to understanding the five elements of the world: fire, water, earth, air, and spirit.



Plant Forward

Plant Forward is the first Canada-led international conference for the plant-based industry bringing together trailblazers, researchers, and innovators to further evolve the plant-based sector.