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The Health Biotech sector consists of companies developing and commercializing innovations that allow for the early identification, prevention and/or treatment of illness and disease. The Health Biotech sector traditionally focuses on treatments, diagnostics, and therapeutics. It now includes functional (healthier for you) foods and ingredients, and natural health products.

Health Biotech companies work in the areas of healthy food and ingredients, medicaments, medical technology and digital health.

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On June 6,2023 the Manitoba government and Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) announced the first-ever Manitoba Life Sciences Strategy, marking a significant milestone for the province’s bioscience sector. This groundbreaking strategy is set to reshape the industry’s landscape, unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities, fostering transformative collaborations, and attracting increased investments. 

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You can download a copy of the Manitoba Life Sciences Strategy HERE.



Manitoba has been witnessing growth in its health biotech sector, which involves the applications of biotechnology to develop medical products and solutions. This includes areas such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and therapies.

  •  Health Biotech is a growing industry

Canada wide, between 2021 and 2029, there will be a shortage of about 37,700 individuals to fill jobs in the health biotech sector. Some of the most severe shortages are expected in bio-manufacturing and processing.

For the Prairie region, Health Biotech grew substantially in 2020, largely due to increased pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing as well as greater demand for R&D services. For this sector, we will continue to see annual employment growth of approximately 1.4% or 6,700 workers by 2029. (Source: BioTalent Canada)

  • Health Biotech requires innovative technology

eHealth, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, datafication, extended reality are some related innovative technologies to improve patient health and promote precision medicine. 

  • Diverse job opportunities and rewarding professions

The growing of the health biotech industry in Manitoba leads to a wide range of job opportunities. These span various roles, including Biostatistician, Biomedical Engineer, Medical Software Developer, Laboratory Technologist, Food Scientist and more. There are a wide range of jobs in Health Biotech industries.


 Top Jobs in Health Biotech in Canada

  1. Biochemist
  2. Biomedical Engineer
  3. Biostatistician/Data Scientist
  4. Biotech Software Development Engineer
  5. Food Scientist
  6. Microbiologist   
  7. Plant Science Researcher
  8. Power Engineer  
  9. Quality Assurance Management
  10. Quality Control Chemist 
  11. Robotics and Automation Engineer

 Supporting roles

  1. Clinical Research Coordinator
  2. Clinical Data Manager - Coordinator
  3. Laboratory technologist/technician
  4. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  5. Process Technician
  6. Production Technician Pharmaceuticals
  7. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  8. Sample Control Clerk      
  9. Tablet Coating Operator
  10. Technical Writer

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Program and Courses

Are you starting your career, or looking to upgrade your knowledge and skills? Here is a list of courses and programs available at colleges and universities in Manitoba.

Assiniboine Community College

Explore diverse program offerings at Assiniboine Community College, including Medical Administration and Power Engineering courses. 

Two-Year Diploma Programs

Medical Administration 

Power Engineering

Financial Aid & Awards | Registrar's Office

Click HERE for information on scholarships and bursaries.

RRC Polytech

Whether you like to work with animals, people, molecules, or minerals. RRC Polytech has the right program to help you launch a successful career in Health Biotech.

Health Sciences

Full-Time Programs

Health Information Management

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing

Robotics and Automation

Science Laboratory Technology

Part-Time Programs

Health Services Leadership and Management 

Health Unit Clerk

Occupational Health and Safety

Explore the full list of full-time and part-time Health Sciences programs offered by RRC Polytech HERE.

RRC Polytech - Prairie Research Kitchen 

The Prairie Research Kitchen brings together a unique blend of food science and culinary arts to support food processors and food service providers through research and development, technical services, and training. 

Research and Development

  • Rapid Prototyping 
  • Food Service Application, Testing and Development 
  • Food equipment demonstrations
  • Consumer Research
  • Food Process Improvements
  • Clinical Trials and Product Development 

RRC Polytech - Prairie Research Kitchen's expertise in food science blended with culinary arts provides student with a powerful approach to challenges from the food industry. The scientific stream of Prairie Research Kitchen also focuses on clinical trials, plant bioactive research, and plant protein research. 

Financial Aid

Throughout the academic year, Red River Polytech assists students by administering awards, bursaries and scholarships that have been donated by concerned corporations, community organizations and individuals. LEARN MORE

Financial Aid is available for future students. Click HERE for more information.

University of Manitoba

From research science to engineering to data and statistics, there are many aspects to Health Biotech at the University of Manitoba. 

Faculty of Science



Clinical Researcher 

Data Science (BSc) 



Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Max Rady College of Medicine

College of Pharmacy

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Food Science

Food and Human Nutritional Science

Plant Science

Faculty of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Click HERE for a link to all Natural and Applied Science programs, many of which can be applicable within the Health Biotech sector. 

Awards and Financial Aid 

There are multiple scholarships, fellowships, prizes, and bursaries available to students in the Faculty of Science each year. Check out the research funding and awards available at the Faculty of Science HERE.

The University of Manitoba – General financial aid and awards, click HERE

University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg, Faculty of Science offers unique and diverse programs that give you the opportunity to work in the area of Health biosciences.

Faculty of Science





Radiation Therapy (This is a joint program between the University of Winnipeg and CancerCareManitoba.)

Awards and Financial Aid

The Awards & Financial Aid Office supports the access and excellence mandate of The University of Winnipeg with a comprehensive range of funding options. Click HERE for more information.

Brandon University

With a small class setting, Brandon University offers the opportunity to interact with professionals, both in the classroom and outside, for an unsurpassed educational experience. 

Faculty of Science



Environmental and Life Sciences

Mathematics and Computer Science

Financial Aid 

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Wage subsidy programs are available to assist with hiring co-op students. Click HERE for more details.