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Lifeart Prosthetics Inc.

Lifeart Prosthetics is an all-Canadian company specializing in custom-designed, functional, and realistic silicone prostheses.

Lifeart Prosthetics, and its sister company Bressante, provide custom silicone upper extremity prosthetics and custom breast prosthetics respectively. Bressante offers customized silicone breast prostheses for women who have undergone full or partial mastectomies or other breast surgery as a result of breast cancer or other trauma.

Our "Body Prosthesis Program" focuses on improving hand function, dexterity, and restoring appearance.


Contact Info

T: 1 204 334 1206
F: 1 204 334 0839
Lifeart Prosthetics Inc. 1-1924 Main Street Winnipeg R2V 2B2 MB Canada
1-1924 Main Street
Winnipeg R2V 2B2 MB Canada