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Marsala Biotech Inc.

Marsala Biotech Inc. is a drug development company concentrating on new treatments for cancer.

Through a joint venture relationship with Doublle Bioproducts Inc., Marsala has acquired E10A, an investigational gene therapy that uses an adenovector to deliver the endostatin gene. E10A has successfully completed a Phase-II trial in April 2011, and in October 2013, initiated and a Phase III trial in China for head and neck cancer.

Currently, there are only 2 FDA approved drugs for the management of head and neck cancer, both of which have significant efficacy and safety concerns. Hence, there is a huge unmet therapeutic need in this approximately $3 billion US market segment.

E10A is currently being evaluated in patient populations to treat head and neck cancer, which accounts for 6% of all malignancies in the United States.

These technologies have the potential to treat a wide variety of cancers. E10A is selective in that it targets a tumor's acute need for new blood vessel creation. 


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T: 1 204 928 7904
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Marsala Biotech Inc. 7-1250 Waverley St Winnipeg R3T 6C6 MB Canada
7-1250 Waverley St
Winnipeg R3T 6C6 MB Canada