Virtuistix Inc.

Virtuistix is a provider of mobile medical devices and information management systems with a primary interest in the development of safe medical compliance by way of pervasive or ubiquitous health computing. At present, we are embarking on initiatives related to medical point of care engineering systems and devices, and targeting the delivery of healthcare services at the bed side. These efforts include research and development in areas that span general healthcare delivery and services, patient safety and quality of care, clinical engineering, context-aware computing, mobile medical information management systems, clinical-grade wireless communications, and a myriad of other emerging healthcare technologies. Virtuistix is also fully engaged in offering medical systems consulting services on matters related to devices, systems integration, intellectual property, and technology commercialization. As a systems' integrator, Virtuistix will match customer's needs with feasible and cost effective solutions. As an analyst, needs and benefits requirements can be evaluated and reported via commissioned reports. These services are also directed toward decision and policy makers and will aid those who may not otherwise be fully acquainted with a particular technology.

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