ADE & Company Inc.

For over 60 years, Ade & Company Inc. has done business in Western Canada.

It works directly with clients to develop patents, overseeing industries such as agricultural engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, computer science, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, oil and gas, and chemical engineering.

As a company, Ade & Company Inc. works with individuals, small to large companies, and universities and research institutions across the world.

While Ade & Company Inc. focuses on the general business, filing, and granting of patents, it is also associated with trademark agents and intellectual property lawyers both locally and internationally. This enables Ade & Company Inc. to provide its clients with a full range of intellectual property services.

In its ongoing effort to obtain the strongest patents for its Canadian clients using the most efficient means, Ade & Company Inc. files and prosecutes all United States patent applications directly with the United States Patent Office.

In this way, Ade & Company Inc. handles all communication between examiners. This avoids potential misunderstandings that cost businesses significant dollars, as it eliminates the need to hire additional persons. Overall, this approach lowers the overall cost of obtaining a grant for a U.S. patent.

As an experienced company, Ade & Company Inc. understands and respects the needs of its clients who have limited resources. It always strives to put the needs of the client first, ensuring it provides service in a timely manner.

Contact Info

2157 Henderson Hwy. Winnipeg MB CA R2G 1P9