XiteBio Technologies Inc.

XiteBio Technologies is a dynamic agriculture biotechnology company engaged in microbial technology and agri-inputs for Canada, US, Europe, and South American markets. Its product line includes microbial supplements such as biofertilizers, additives, inoculants, plant growth regulators, biopesticides, and organic fertilizers.

XiteBio believes in biotechnological innovations. It values partnership and collaboration for marketing its novel product lines, and provides its customers unique products and services that increase their bottom line in an eco-friendly manner. The company thrives on innovation, research, and development (IRD) to create “go green” pro-environment next-generation technology for sustainable agriculture.

XiteBio’s IRD facility is used for creating innovative efficacious and cost-competitive product lines that benefit farmers’ bottom line. Its current commercial products are:

  • XiteBio SoyRhizo: a premium liquid soybean inoculant with AGPT (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology); Seed treatment or In-furrow application.
  • XiteBio PulseRhizo: a premium liquid pea, lentil & faba bean inoculant with AGPT; Seed Treatment or In-furrow application.
  • XiteBio Yield+ for canola: an early post emergent tank mixable liquid biological with PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria); can also be applied as In-furrow application.
  • XiteBio Yield+ for corn, wheat & barley: an early post emergent tank mixable PGPR based liquid biological; can also be applied as In-furrow application. 

Other biological products are in development for legumes, pulses, sugarbeet, and various vegetables.

Contact Info

3194 St. Mary's Road Winnipeg MB CA R2N 4A8
F: 1 204 261 4588