InnovoXL Inc.

InnovoXL Inc. is a technology development company that specializes in commercializing promising new technologies that have strong commercial potential. InnovoXL achieves this by providing investment as well as product development and commercialization resources from concept to market.

What makes us unique? It’s our expertise and our approach.

With every prospective endeavour, we perform an exhaustive process of due diligence and we thoroughly analyze every variable that may affect the commercial viability of a venture. If we identify risks that could potentially result in failure of a venture then we will only proceed if we have identified a solution to resolve those risks. As part of our commercialization process we will draw upon our extensive global network of world class experts to assure success of the venture.

The InnovoXL Group of Companies:

Surgical Stabilization Technologies Inc.

Surgical Stabilization Technologies Inc. (SST) is developing and commercializing a novel medical device called the Helix Trocar Stabilization System that will enhance all laparoscopic surgical procedures that utilize trocars. This enhancement will reduce surgery times, surgical trauma and complications resulting in improved patient outcomes.

AdvaSort Corporation

InnovoXL’s most recent venture is the development and commercialization of the world’s fastest and most advanced food sorting technology. The AdvaSort sorting system is a platform technology that has utility in a broad spectrum of sorting applications including food products such as grains, beans and corn to minerals, pharmaceuticals and manufactured goods.

Adva Diagnostics Inc.

Adva Diagnostics Inc. is developing a high-throughput method for detecting and identifying infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, in minutes without the use of reagents. We are utilizing our proprietary advanced technologies to resolve spectral “fingerprints” of infectious diseases and pathogens.

Lexim Biophotonics Inc

Details coming soon!

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