Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation

Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre has core strengths in clinical epidemiology, data analysis, process engineering and economic analysis that we use for chronic disease screening, risk prediction and evidence-based treatment to improve healthcare delivery. Example: Kidney Failure Risk Equation developed by Dr. Tangri.

This strength in risk prediction can also be deployed commercially and we are in active discussions with auto, health and injury insurance companies to improve their opportunity to predict, manage and prevent risk for their customers.

Our clinical healthcare economics expertise together with our access to, and experience with, the Manitoba Population Health Data Repository can be deployed to evaluate healthcare devices and treatments for any market. We are adept at clinical trial design, evaluation for regulatory approval, and after-market effectiveness studies for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, particularly in diabetes and kidney treatment.

Contact Info

2300 McPhillips Street Winnipeg R2V 3M3 MB Canada