Applikon Biotechnology Inc

About Applikon Biotechnology:

Applikon Biotechnology is privately owned Dutch company founded in 1974. We are a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory-scale, to pilot-, to production scale. We support industrial microbiology and the pharmaceutical industry in their upstream process by implementing scalable platforms from initial screening through development to full-scale production. By minimizing scale-up risks and shortening the time-to-market for our customers, we contribute to the improvement of Life Sciences.

Applikon Biotechnology proudly promotes an improved Quality of Life. As a world leader in the development and supply of advanced bioreactor systems, Applikon passionately contributes to the Life Sciences. Our goal is to continuously introduce new technologies to the market, covering the spectrum from laboratory scale via pilot plant to production scale. In addition to advanced cultivation systems, our core business also comprises Process Control and Process Information Management systems. Large investments in R&D and in-house development and production enable us to be flexible and efficient when delivering the best solution for each individual customer.

Applikon Biotechnology is known for bringing new technologies to the market. We continuously improve and launch new bioreactor systems as well as process analytics and software tools. These new technologies offer advantages in process efficiency and thus costs. In particular, our small-scale designs that offer a complete solution for results generation, make us unique in the mini and micro bioreactor range.

A complete upstream product portfolio:
Our focus is on supplying the best product offering for our customers now and in the long-term future. Our portfolio ranges from very small mini-bioreactors to large volume cultivation systems. Whether used for laboratory applications, good manufacturing practices, or the full scale-up process from lab to production, we have the right solution. 

Key products:

Bench scale Autoclavable Bioreactors
Bench and Pilot and production Bioreactors
Production Bioreactors
Acoustic cell perfusion devices for R&D to production
Proprietary and PLC based process controllers
Process Analytical Technologies (on-line): Non-invasive total biomass, on-line capacitance based viable biomass, off gas sensors, optical sensors, label free cell imaging
Software packages: Data acquisition and control, DoE, CFR 21 par 11 compliant
Autoclavable, single use and stainless steel technologies