Economic Development Winnipeg Inc.

Economic Development Winnipeg is a joint-enterprise between the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg.

The company acts a tourism marketing company for the city and an economic development agency. Partnering with the private sector, Economic Development Winnipeg works closely with tourism, trade, and industry officials. This helps it support local businesses and events, plus offer advice and assistance to outside companies interested in investing in Manitoba's capital.

Economic Development Winnipeg has long been a proponent of the Manitoba life sciences sector, working closely with LSAM industry members and provincial officials to partner, sponsor, facilitate, and organize life science initiatives. Economic Development Winnipeg is also the lead agency in Manitoba when it comes to tracking economic data regarding progress in the life science sector.

YES! Winnipeg, operating within Economic Development Winnipeg, is Winnipeg’s 10-member business development team whose mandate is to assist in the creation of jobs in Winnipeg. It proactively attracts new businesses to Winnipeg and assists local companies and entrepreneurs in launching new ventures or expanding existing businesses — all to create new jobs.

YES! Winnipeg works with its clients to determine what key actions need to be taken, so it can launch new businesses, expansions, or provide further assistance.

The company asks:

  • Do they need help arranging financing or securing equity investment?
  • Are there government assistance programs that might apply?
  • Can we help open doors for strategic customers or suppliers?
  • Do they need help in finding the right location or staff?
  • Is there important information they need to make their decision?
  • Can we help navigate government departments?

YES! Winnipeg knows the right people to get what’s needed, and facilitates those connections. It is a results-focused, not-for-profit organization, and offers its services to its clients free of charge.

YES! Winnipeg is funded by the generous support of 120 local businesses, and government.

Contact Info

Suite 810, One Lombard Place Winnipeg R3B 0X3 MB Canada
P: 204 954 1974