utR Biotech

utR Biotech is a Winnipeg based company focused on disrupting the diabetic market by providing an extended time formulation lasting up to 24 months, and an additive that prevents/minimizes all associated forms of neuropathy as well as lowering the increased frequencies of developing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and CVD associated with type 1 diabetes. A solid market analysis has been performed, as well as a mapped business plan from concept studies, pre-clinical and all phases associated with taking a product to market. A platform was selected for production to provide insulin prices 30 to 50% lower than current market prices.

Our long term goal is to provide an affordable extended formulation of insulin and an additive to low and middle-income individuals around the globe. The current status of the global diabetic crisis is set to worsen and we want to be one of the first innovators to help diabetics live a life without complications normally associated with the disease.



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100 Innovation Drive Winnipeg MB R3T 6A8