Apotex Fermentation

Apotex Fermentation Inc. (AFI) provides contract services in research, process development, scale-up, and manufacturing of fermentation-based pharmaceutical products.

AFI delivers robust and cost-effective services, helping customers become leaders in the competitive pharmaceutical market.

AFI’s business is based on science and is supported by its team of technical, engineering, and quality experts. It specializes in secondary metabolites caused by fungal and bacterial fermentations.

The organization's scientific and operations staff is experienced in transforming early stage bench scale processes into economically viable commercial scale processes. As a company, AFI produces active pharmaceutical ingredients in small quantities for clinical trials, medium quantities for development work, and large quantities (+1000kgs) for final dosage forms. Operations are performed in compliance with CGMP complete with protocols, SOPs, and production batch records, helping AFI meet domestic and international regulatory requirements. 

Fermentation Capacities

AFI’s process optimization and scale-up services are carried out in 20 litre, 200 litre, and 1500 litre fermentation suites and chemical pilot plants. Its large-scale operations can handle up to 102,000 litres of fermented products, and are housed in isolation and purification plants — both of which are supported by well-equipped laboratories.

AFI’s in-house engineering services provide flexibility for custom equipment configurations, suiting a process requirements while supporting process optimization.

Contact Info

50 Scurfield Blvd. Winnipeg R3Y 1G4 MB Canada
P: 1 204 989 6830
F: 1 204 989 9160