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October 1, 2014

WINNIPEG, Manitoba and PLYMOUTH, Minn., Oct. 1, 2014 /CNW/ -- Monteris Medical announced today that its NeuroBlate® System, a minimally invasive robotic laser thermotherapy tool, has received Health Canada License as a Class 4 Medical Device. The NeuroBlate System employs a pulsed surgical laser to deliver targeted energy to abnormal brain tissue caused by tumors and other neurological soft tissue lesions.

The NeuroBlate System combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and software-based visualization to allow surgeons to remotely ablate tumors in many locations in the brain, at the surface or deep inside, through a computer module. With the NeuroBlate System, a surgeon makes a small hole in the skull, approximately as wide as a pencil. The surgeon then precisely guides the small laser probe via an MRI compatible robotic driver to apply controlled amounts of heat to the targeted lesion, until the tissue is destroyed.

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With this recent approval, NeuroBlate is the first and only minimally invasive robotic laser thermotherapy tool available in Canada.