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STEM Animal Health Completes First Shipment of bluestem™ Oral Care Products to PetSmart® Canada

Kane Biotech Inc. announces that STEM Animal Health Inc., has shipped its first order of bluestem™ products to PetSmart® Canada, Canada largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. Bluestem™ oral care products will be distributed to all 150 stores and will be available via PetSmart®’s online store.

STEM Animal Health Inc. was formed in 2020 by Canada-based Kane Biotech Inc. and UK-based veterinary products company, Animalcare Group PLC., to help improve the quality of life of Animals by helping fight and manage biofilms that have the potential to negatively impact animals.  Plaque and tartar are examples of biofilms that can negatively impact your pet’s well-being.  Kevin Cole, Chief Executive Officer of STEM Animal Health, stated, “We’re happy to be working with PetSmart® to help improve the quality of oral care for Canadian pets and to forge what we anticipate to be a mutually beneficial relationship going forward.”


About bluestem™

Bluestem’s coactiv+™ technology is a safe and effective approach to affecting plaque and tartar by softening and breaking down the biofilm structure without any harsh chemicals or antimicrobials. We’ve invested in clinical trials that show our bluestem™ water additive is effective in reducing tartar, without any brushing, and is safe for daily use at well over the recommended dose.

-Kane Biotech