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Intelligent Hospital Systems announces enhanced RIVA

Pharmacy automation specialists, Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems), in partnership with the company's customers, announced the release of a new enhanced version of RIVA. The RIVA System (Robotic Intravenous Automation) is a self-contained unit for filling IV syringes and bags. The enhanced system includes a number of key advancements and value-added functionality that will increase throughput by up to 50 per cent. Other benefits are as follows:

-Faster processing and enriched workflow
-Enhanced handling of off-the-shelf items
-Longer unattended run times
-Increased bag handling capabilities - Hospira, Fresenius Kabi as well as Baxter bags

"From the beginning, we designed RIVA to be the most advanced and fully-automated IV compounding system that would meet the combined needs of the Pediatrics, Adult, Central Fill, and Chemo markets," says Thom Doherty , IH Systems Chief Technology Officer. "RIVA's proven success in these areas has set the standard and I am very proud of our design team. We are so pleased to provide these new advancements and the increased RIVA performance to our customers," Doherty concludes.

Meeting all relevant USP 797 compliance rules, RIVA allows pharmacies to compound ready-to-use sterile doses, in both patient specific and non-patient specific batches with great accuracy and efficiency. RIVA has produced over 700,000 patient doses, and successfully compounded over 30,000 Tryptic Soy Broth media fills within hospital pharmacies without a single failure.

"It is this proven history and market leading engineering that gives our customers the confidence to innovate, reallocate resources and bring currently out-sourced doses back in-house and under their control," notes Bill Shields , Global VP of Marketing and Sales. "With RIVA, a hospital achieves unequalled safety and a quick return on investment. These advancements and innovation strengthen RIVA's position as the leader in safety, accuracy and throughput in automating pharmacy IV preparation," Shields adds.

RIVA (Robotic IV Automation System) - a self-contained unit for filling IV syringes and bags - is developed by Winnipeg -based medical device company Intelligent Hospital Systems. For more information, please visit


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