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Kane Biotech successfully completes pilot animal study on pet oral care product

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (May 15, 2012) -Kane Biotech Inc. (TSX-V:KNE), a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms announces it has successfully completed the StrixNB™ pilot dog efficacy study using the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) recommended test protocol.

The objective of the pilot study was to evaluate the effectiveness of StrixNB on the reduction of dental plaque, calculus and gingivitis in adult dogs. Additionally, the study monitored food and water consumption, and also body weight change in dogs on StrixNB vs. the control. The results of StrixNB efficacy study showed: (i) a reduction in dental plaque, (ii) a reduction in calculus, and (iii) a reduction in gingivitis. Furthermore, no difference in food or water consumption and in body weights was observed, suggesting that all dogs were considered to be in good health.

The pet oral care market in the US is estimated at $450 million per year. Dental disease is the number one oral disease in dogs and cats and over 95% of all dogs and cats will have dental disease. Bacteria in the mouth cavity form plaque and as the plaque builds up, the bacteria cause infection of the gum known as “gingivitis”. As time passes, plaque hardens to form “tarter”, which holds the infection to the tooth surface and helps push bacteria and debris under the gum line. Periodontitis is an infection of the tooth root, which ultimately results in infected teeth. When periodontal infection starts, these bacteria get into the pet’s circulation system eventually leading to heart, liver, kidney, bone and joint disease.

“Completion of the pilot study has demonstrated the efficacy of StrixNB against bacteria associated with dental plaque and periodontal disease in dogs”, stated Dr. Sri Madhyastha, Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer of Kane Biotech. “This combined with the palatability and no observed adverse effects of StrixNB plus our previous results of testing against competitive products demonstrate the excellent safety and efficacy of product for pet oral care”.

“With these encouraging results the Company now plans to initiate the full dog study to confirm and further evaluate StrixNB’s efficacy in preventing pet oral diseases as the next step in our commercialization”, stated Mr. Gord Froehlich, President and CEO of Kane Biotech.

StrixNB is a patent pending pet oral care product comprising a unique combination of GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients that have demonstrated the synergistic antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity against oral bacteria. The product not only inhibits plaque formation, but also kills bacteria embedded in preformed dental plaque.

About Kane Biotech Inc.

Kane Biotech is a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of products to prevent and remove biofilms. Biofilms are a major cause of a number of serious medical problems including chronic infections and medical device related infections. They develop on surfaces such as catheters, prosthetic implants, teeth, lungs and the urogenital tract. Biofilms are pervasive, costly to deal with and are involved in approximately 80% of all human bacterial infections. The healing of chronic wounds alone costs the United States health care system $20 Billion per year.

Kane Biotech uses patent protected technologies based on molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation/dispersal and methods for finding compounds that inhibit or disrupt biofilms. The Company has evidence that these technologies have potential to significantly improve the ability to prevent and/or destroy biofilms in several medical and industrial applications.

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