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Science-Backed Ingredient, Solnul™, Achieves Upcycled Certified™, Giving Momentum to Sustainable Nutrition

Newly Upcycled Certified™ Prebiotic Ingredient Presses Brands to Strengthen their Science and Sustainability.  

CARBERRY, MB, May 10, 2022 /CNW/ - MSP Starch Products Inc. (MSP), a Canadian-based starch producer, receives Upcycled Certified™ status for its patented Solnul™ Resistant Potato Starch ingredient after meeting the rigorous standards set forth by the Upcycled Foods Association (UFA). MSP is one of the first Canadian companies and Solnul™, one of the first resistant starch ingredients, to be certified. This achievement further demonstrates MSP's commitment to supporting Canadian Agriculture and reducing food waste by developing high-quality, nutritious ingredients out of the nutrients that slip through the cracks of our food system. 

"Upcycled Foods," as defined by the UFA and a collective of other thought leaders including the World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, ReFED, Drexel Food Lab and others, "use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment." It helps reduce food waste by creating new, high-quality products from otherwise wasted — but perfectly nutritious — ingredients. MSP upcycles resistant starch from the potato processing industry and converts it into their value-added ingredient, Solnul™. It is then sold to science-forward brands to elevate their food, beverage and dietary supplement innovations. 

"Public health research continues to validate resistant starch as a valuable nutrient deficient in modern diets," said Jason Leibert, Chief Growth Officer at MSP. "We're about mitigating food waste, rescuing a nutrient [resistant starch] and using it to its highest value by feeding the microbiome."