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New report calls Canada’s alternative protein industry ‘hotbed of innovation and key country to do business in’

June 21, 2022 - A new report on Canada’s alternative proteins industry reveals significant potential in a market projected to be worth $290 billion by 2030. Game Changers: Canadian Opportunities In Alternative Protein provides a snapshot of the vibrant investment, development and research activity, as well as a deep pool of innovative Canadian innovators to watch. Game Changers also outlines how Canada is translating the challenges of the alternative protein industry into competitive growth opportunities. The report can be found at 

As the historical ‘breadbasket of the world’ Canada has a strong foundation to support the advancement of alternative proteins through its agricultural capacity, R&D expertise, extensive government support, cohesive industry-innovation networks, strong focus on sustainability, and strategic market and regulatory access. 

Game Changers is the first report to compile Canada’s extensive activity in alternative protein development in one place. It features over 100 Canadian start-ups, large agri-food corporations, investors, research facilities and others engaged in the sector; and presents a substantial resource for investors and corporations looking for partners in research, development or investment in all areas of alternative protein, including plant-based, fermentation, cellular agriculture, and insects. 

“We work closely with innovators and investors in the alternative protein sector every day, and we were still pleasantly surprised by the number of companies, transactions, IPOs, and investments that were identified in the research for the Game Changers document,” says Shelley King, CEO, Natural Products Canada, a co-author of the report along with Protein Industries Canada, Humane Society International/Canada, and The Protein Highway. The four organizations are regular collaborators on alternative protein initiatives and events, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Canadian ecosystem behind this industry.