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Bioscience Association Manitoba to Host Annual Awards Dinner to Celebrate Achievements in Manitoba’s Bioscience Industry


Bioscience Association Manitoba to Host Annual Awards Dinner to Celebrate Achievements in Manitoba’s Bioscience Industry

Feb 27, 2023 – Winnipeg, MB – Bioscience Association Manitoba is pleased to announce its Annual Awards Dinner on March 2, 2023, to celebrate the accomplishments of the industry in Manitoba. This event recognizes the contributions of individuals and companies that have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship in their field.

This year’s four awards winners include:

Most Outstanding Bioscience Student of the YearDaniel Gussakovsky, Ph.D. is a student with the Department of Chemistry, University of Manitoba. He completed his honours studying RNA-protein interactions of non-coding RNA prevalent in cancer. Daniel has earned many awards, authored and co-authored numerous publications and received international recognition. Daniel’s work will contribute significantly to the understanding of critical cellular pathways in breast/ovarian cancers and will potentially provide a novel therapeutic avenue. His goal is to either pursue a postdoc with an industrial connection or to move into the industrial sector immediately upon graduation.

Outstanding Leadership in Bioscience of the Year – Dr. Albert (Bert) Friesen is the founder, CEO and Chair of the Board at Medicure Inc.. Dr. Friesen is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Manitoba in 2003 and the Order of Manitoba in 2005. He has played a key role in founding several health industry companies including the first employee and President of the Winnipeg Rh Institute, where he oversaw the development of the WinRho vaccine. Dr. Friesen is a founder of the Industrial Biotechnology Association of Canada (IBAC) and past Chairman of its board of directors which is now known as BIOTECanada. His work has helped shape bioscience’s future in Manitoba and beyond.

Dr. Friesen has significantly contributed to the bioscience industry through his leadership, mentorship, and innovative research.

Emerging Bioscience Company of the Year – Scimar is a Manitoba-based biotech company that focuses on preventing, detecting, and treating Type 2 diabetes. Scimar’ s innovative solutions for diabetes is poised to make a significant impact in the fight against this prevalent disease. With a dedicated team of experts, a commitment to cutting-edge research, and the establishment of the Wellness Transformation Network program, Scimar is dedicated to bringing together wellness-focused organizations, Indigenous communities, and business partners to tackle type 2 diabetes holistically.

Bioscience Company of the Year – Cerebra is a leading medical device technology company transforming the future of sleep diagnosis and therapy. Cerebra’s technology enables researchers and clinicians to gain a true understanding of an individual’s sleep quality and reveals connections to physical, mental and emotional health. By studying sleep where it happens, in the home, the innovation of Odds Ratio Product (ORP) combined with the most advanced in-home, self-applied Polysomnography (PSG), they are transforming the diagnosis and treatment of major sleep disorders enabling a more personalized approach to sleep medicine. Cerebra unites innovators and researchers with the common goal and passion of putting "sleep" back into sleep medicine.

“We are extremely proud of this year’s award winners and all they have accomplished,” said Kim Kline, President of the Bioscience Association Manitoba. “Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence are a testament to the Manitoba advantage and the strength of our industry. We thank them for their contributions.”

The Manitoba bioscience sector continues to thrive and grow. This industry generates over $9.9 billion in revenue, employs over 14,000 individuals, and ranks 4th in the province among all major industries. Manitoba’s bioscience industry displayed impressive growth and diversity, reinforcing its position as a leader in advancing the bioscience field not only in Canada but also on the global stage.

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