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Solnul™ Study uses Metabolomic and Microbiome Data to Connect Improvements in Circulating Histamine and Leaky Gut

Given that 4/5 Americans have dealt with a digestive health issue within the past year, it's becoming increasingly critical to focus on gut health, the root of overall health even for healthy individuals. The gut microbiota is considered the cornerstone of human health, hence, preserving the functionality of the intestinal barrier is paramount and stands as one of the most crucial structure/function relationships within the human body.

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About the Study
Microbiome and metabolomic analysis were conducted on healthy participants consuming 3.5g/day of resistant potato starch (RPS) or a placebo, aiming to determine if RPS positively influences histamine metabolism and related parameters. Importantly, metabolites associated with intestinal permeability were significantly reduced by RPS treatment. This suggests that the decreased serum histamine is linked to improved gut barrier function. These findings broaden our understanding of the benefits of adding RPS to the diet, particularly in managing gastrointestinal health.

"Histamine sensitivity was thought to be due to our bodies' inability to break down histamine and stop the inflammatory response. Our findings connect changes in histamine to reductions in histamine-producing bacteria and improvements in gut barrier function via Solnul™ supplementation using a combination of microbiome and metabolomic data," said Dr. Jason Bush, chief scientific officer at MSP.

About Metabolomics
Metabolomics is the large-scale study of small molecules within cells, biofluids, tissues, or organisms, commonly known as metabolites. This particular study looked at serum metabolites, offering a snapshot of the physiological pathways of an organism. It's extensively used in various industries, most notably in pharmaceutical and academic research, and less commonly used in natural health products.

"This type of research is particularly exciting for us as few companies are using metabolomics to substantiate claims for their ingredients" said Jason Leibert, chief growth officer at MSP "These cutting-edge structure/function claims will give our commercial partners a competitive advantage and support the health goals consumers are seeking."

The structure/function claims arising from this dataset are groundbreaking. Customers can declare such claims as, 'enhances gut barrier function', 'reduces histamine sensitivity' or 'significantly decreases collagen breakdown metabolites, which may help to support collagen integrity' to substantiate their targeted formulation and attract consumers.

In conclusion, this study provides compelling evidence about the profound effects of resistant starch on gut barrier function in healthy adults, emphasizing the critical need to reintegrate this nutrient into our modern diets. The knowledge gained offers revolutionary findings into histamine and leaky gut and paves the way for future Solnul™ studies, metabolomic insights and claims.

About Solnul™
Solnul™ is an upcycled, patented resistant starch ingredient used by formulators of dietary supplements and functional food and beverage. It is backed by a body of clinical and scientific research proving efficacy at low doses, exceptional tolerability and multi-functionality. It labels as 'Resistant Potato Starch', a prebiotic dietary fiber, and is Upcycled Certified™, FODMAP Friendly, Gluten-Free, Glyphosate Residue Free, and Non-GMO Project Verified. To learn more, visit

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