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Innovate, Protect, Thrive: New ElevateIP Program Plays Crucial Role in the Success of Canadian Start-ups

What is ElevateIP?

  • ElevateIP is a program funded by the Government of Canada aimed at equipping and supporting Canadian start-ups with the tools and knowledge to understand, strategize, protect, manage and leverage their intellectual property (IP).
  • Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP is an IP Service Provider through North Forge (in collaboration with Communitech Corporation and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) and will be able to support start-ups through the development of IP strategies and by seeking and obtaining formal IP protections that are customized to the unique requirements of each start-up.

Why is IP protection important?

  • For most start-ups, IP is a key investment in and component of growth and increasing competitive edge in the market. Failing to develop an IP strategy that properly protects the business’s IP rights at the early stages may result in challenges and obstacles later on that could prevent the business from further development and expansion.

How does the ElevateIP program work?

  • The program is delivered through a three-tiered process:
  • Tier 1: IP Education and Awareness – free online resources that will help identify IP strategy gaps
  • Tier 2: IP Strategy Development – access to high-quality services from qualified and experienced IP professionals for IP assessments and IP strategy development
  • Tier 3: IP Strategy Implementation – subsidized services for implementing the objectives identified in the IP strategy, including securing and maintaining IP rights

When do applications open?

  • The ElevateIP program will officially launch on November 23, 2023, and as part of the soft launch, applications for the program are available at the following link: ElevateIP Program | North Forge.

Source: Silvia de Sousa and M. Ingrid Ruiz, TDS