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Bioscience Association Manitoba Appoints Andrea Ladouceur as President

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - The Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrea Ladouceur as its new President. Ladouceur, an accomplished, respected and trusted leader, with an impressive tenure in the public sector and community, brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of successful strategic project & program delivery to her new role at BAM.

For close to two decades, Ladouceur has utilized her innate leadership strengths to design, deliver and realign strategic and transformation plans for the province in multiple, complex arenas including finance, technology, energy and climate, and health and the economy. Most recently, as Manitoba’s Assistant Deputy Minister of Investment and Trade, she managed a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services to actively foster both local and international investment opportunities and drive overarching economic development for the province. Values-based, throughout her career Ladouceur has consistently achieved desired outcomes by maximizing partnerships and true collaborations, understanding risks, and unleashing the power and talent of team members.

"We are excited to welcome Andrea Ladouceur as the new President of BAM. Her deep understanding of strategic initiatives, coupled with her passion for economic, team, and community development, aligns perfectly with our mission," said Reuben Saba, Chair of the Board of Directors. Outgoing President of BAM, Kim Kline, states, "We are confident that with Andrea’s leadership BAM will continue to foster the growth and innovation in the bioscience sector that Manitoba is increasingly known for.” Andrea notes, “I look forward to playing a key leadership role with BAM to support the entire bioscience sector, a sector which generates great jobs, contributes significantly to our GDP and is full of incredible potential”.

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