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Kane Biotech to Present its revyve™ Antimicrobial Wound Gel at Boswick Burn and Wound Care Symposium

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Jan. 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kane Biotech Inc. (TSX-V:KNE OTCQB:KNBIF) (the “Company” or “Kane Biotech” or “Kane”) today announces that the Company will be presenting its revyve™ Antimicrobial Wound Gel at the Boswick Burn and Wound Care Symposium.

The international conference will take place from January 27 to February 1, 2024 in Maui, Hawaii and covers the latest advancements in wound healing, burn care, and infection control. During this conference, Kane Biotech will present along with other important voices involved in the care of soft tissue injuries and related complications.

“I’m excited to be presenting Kane’s revyve™ Antimicrobial Wound Gel to the wound care community at the Boswick conference and believe it will be very well-received, particularly by practitioners focused on burn care. With its thermo-reversible properties, the gel is easy to apply, stays on the wound and is easily rinsed off with cold water making it ideal for sensitive wounds such as burns,” stated Dr. Gregory Schultz, Chief Scientific Officer of Kane Biotech. “The Wound Gel, which is a combination of Kane’s patented coactiv+™ technology and PHMB, paired with a non-ionic Pluronic surfactant, provides prolonged antimicrobial activity in a moist environment best suited for wound healing.”

About Kane Biotech

Kane Biotech is a biotechnology company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of technologies and products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms. The Company has a portfolio of biotechnologies, intellectual property (80 patents and patents pending, trade secrets and trademarks) and products developed by the Company's own biofilm research expertise and acquired from leading research institutions. StrixNB™, DispersinB®, Aledex™, bluestem™, bluestem®, silkstem™, goldstem™, coactiv+™, coactiv+®, DermaKB™, DermaKB Biofilm™ and revyve™ are trademarks of Kane Biotech Inc. The Company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "KNE" and on the OTCQB Venture Market under the symbol “KNBIF”.

Source: Kane Biotech, 2024


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