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Cytophage Provides Update on Bacteriophage Human Trial at The Ottawa Hospital

Winnipeg, [April 2nd, 2024]. Cytophage Technologies Ltd. (TSXV:CYTO) (“Cytophage” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an interim update on the recently completed human trial at The Ottawa Hospital where Cytophage bacteriophages were used to treat a patient with an antibiotic resistant prosthetic joint infection (see press release from March 1st, 2024). The patient had previously undergone 15 surgeries and was facing the potential amputation of her leg at the waist.

She was treated with Cytophage phages for several weeks, via both direct injection and through an IV line, and the Company is happy to report that according to her physician, infectious diseases clinician-scientist Dr. Marisa Azad (Principal Investigator), her condition is steadily improving with inflammation in her body decreasing.

As this is the first time a joint replacement infection has been treated with a bacteriophage in Canada, this landmark treatment has caught the attention of national news media with both CTV and CBC reporting on the phage trial in several segments. Media segments published to date include:

  • CBC The National: “Experimental treatment using viruses helps woman avoid amputation”
  • CTV National News: ‘Phage’ Therapy in Canada
  • CBC News: 'This was my last resort,' Ottawa-area woman says of experimental phage therapy to treat infection
  • CTV Winnipeg: 'This is why we're here': A Winnipeg biotech company's role in a new treatment used in Canada

Dr. Azad received special approval from Health Canada for this single subject clinical trial.

Cytophage is expecting to share additional information on this trial with the public as permitted.

Cytophage CEO Dr. Steven Theriault commented: “It has truly been a momentous 2024 for Cytophage. We are incredibly proud of our team who has been able to develop and provide this therapy. Now that this trial is gaining so much attention from the news media, there is a much larger spotlight on Cytophage, which became the first Canadian phage company to go public.”

In addition to the recent media coverage on Cytophage, CEO Dr. Theriault continues to be a leading voice on bacteriophage applications within the scientific community. At an AMR Workshop on April 1st at the 2024 World Vaccine Congress in Washington, DC, Dr. Theriault presented on the topic “The application of phages to treat bacterial infections”. Cytophage is the only publicly traded bacteriophage company in North America with a stated focus on bacteriophage solutions for both animal health and human health.

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