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May 2024 Innovation Proof of Concept Recipients

Research Manitoba invests over $1.6 million for Innovation Proof of Concept grants.

Dr. Qiuyan Yuan (Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba) received the Innovation Proof of Concept grant ($64,700) from Research Manitoba to conduct research in partnership with Carbon Lock Tech over a 2 year period. This research project will investigate the impact of biocarbon from organic waste for the treatment of toxic landfill leachate and commercialization of a process for creating sustainable landfills.

The funding for this project will initially focus on demonstrating the proof of concept in a controlled environment and studying the impact of biocarbon’s ability to reduce landfill leachate runoff. Consequently, the pyrolytic conversion of organic waste and its implementation in situ for treating landfill leachate and reduction of odor and scavengers will also be pursued as part of this project. The funding for this project should ensure a reliable path toward a commercial-scale conversion of organic waste to stable biocarbon that can be used as a medium for more sustainable landfills.

Learn more at Research Manitoba 

Source: Carbon Lock Tech


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