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Arterial Stiffness Inc. sets sights on China first

THE principals behind a Winnipeg medical technology company are heading to China to lay the groundwork for what they hope will become a $100-million company in the next five years.

Arterial Stiffness Inc. has developed a low-cost technology that measures plaque levels in arteries, or arterial stiffness, with a finger clip and a digital- signal processor. It compares that score against an age-based population database to determine the patient’s risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

In the last three years, the company has received excellent results in small studies at St. Boniface Hospital and a commercial clinical trial facility out of Minneapolis comparing it to much more expensive and cumbersome technology in the market.

Rather than take the conventional route of achieving regulatory approval in Canada and the U.S. and then exporting the technology elsewhere around the world, they are going to China first. 

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