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Local organization builds on Manitoba’s $2.5 billion bioscience industry

Winnipeg, MB – Feb. 21, 2018 –The Life Science Association of Manitoba (LSAM) will unveil a new brand focused on bioscience and its contributions to local economic development at the 2018 LSAM Awards Gala on Feb. 22, 2018.

“Our decision to rebrand comes at a time when ‘life science’ no longer defines us or our industry,” said Tracey Maconachie, LSAM President. “With thriving local businesses expanding our clean tech, agricultural tech, water reduction and composite sectors, it’s clear our industry is evolving, and we recognize we must do the same.”

LSAM has been the voice for Manitoba’s life science industry since 1990. Over the past year, LSAM has opted to embrace the term ‘bioscience’, which is a more inclusive definition of the industry’s current state and diverse local representation.

LSAM’s 2017 industry profile reported the bioscience sector, including bio health, ag biotech, and industrial biotech companies, contributed over $2.5 billion in annual revenue to Manitoba’s economy.

“We owe Exigence’s success to incredible supporters like LSAM and the University of Manitoba who are committed to sharing the story of bioscience and the immense economic value it provides,” says Zach Wolff, Exigence Technologies CEO. “To date, we’ve been supported entirely by Manitobans, investing several million to develop biologically active materials that will have a global impact for industries as diverse as agriculture and water cooling. This is merely one example of what bioscience brings to Manitoba.”

The organization’s new name and vision will be formally launched at the 2018 Gala Awards. The event celebrates the industry’s growth and local leaders.

About LSAM
LSAM is the voice and organizational nucleus for the life science industry of Manitoba. This innovative industry, which now accounts for nearly 6,000 jobs, is extremely diverse and wide-reaching. The industry’s core businesses can be grouped into three distinct categories: agriculture and food, health and industrial bioproducts.

LSAM focuses on attentive, proactive and timely services and programs to over 110 member organizations. They constantly strive to understand which products, services, and support their members value most, and create partnerships and programs to deliver them.

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