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Mapping Potential – Profiles of Canada’s Biotech Frontiers

The report highlights the diverse initiatives and growth of companies across Canada, the potential talent to help grow the industry, and the positive impact of BioTalent Canada’s many wage subsidy programs on the industry.

This first-ever labour market information report with national and provincial snapshots highlighting Canada’s bio-economy potential with:

  • Growth of companies and areas
  • Specific initiatives
  • Students and others entering the industry
  • The impact of BioTalent Canada’s programs
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Key highlights include:

  • Provincial snapshots from 9/10 provinces, from the provincial industry associations on the ground
  • Survey results from 256 wage subsidy student placements since September 2017 and their 92 biotech employers

Manitoba highlights include:

  • The bioscience industry in Manitoba has a revenue exceeding $2.5 billion
  • 162 companies
  • 5,607 employed invdividuals
  • 21 companies with more than 50 FTEs
  • 141 with less than 50 FTEs