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New Canadian bio-economy report indicates green potential of emerging talent markets

A national labour market report highlights labour trends in the expandingly diverse biotech sector that now also includes medical cannabis, digital health and artificial intelligence, and sustainable development. “Green crossovers – Emerging horizons in Canada’s bio-economy,” examines the potential of Canada’s “green-economy” on the biotech sector and highlights the success of BioTalent Canada’s Career Focus Green Jobs and Science Horizons career placement programs and their impacts on the bio-economy, the organization’s first foray into the sustainable development sector.

Full report available on Biotalent's new website at

Key highlights include:Industry snapshots from 7 organizations that represent Canada’s green sectors both nationally and provincially. Survey results from 424 new grad wage subsidy placements and their 229 industry employers. Over 93% of the career placements were maintained after wage subsidies ended.

“The bio-economy is now crossing over directly into emerging industries such as digital health and artificial intelligence, medical cannabis production and bio-remediation,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO BioTalent Canada. “These existing and growing sub-sectors represent the future, not only for the planet, but for bio-economy talent, and Canada must be prepared to embrace the future of innovation, prosperity and conscientious investment.”

This report brings together data and feedback from across Canada and was developed in partnership with BIOTECanada, ECO Canada, BioNB, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, Bioenterprise, the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC), ERA Environmental Management Solutions and PGL Environmental Consultants.

BioTalent Canada will be expanding on these new and existing sectors through their bio-economy national labour market information study, with market research set to start later this year. For more information on this project visit