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Protein Industries Canada Invests To Improve Protein Content in Canadian Canola

Protein Industries Canada, along with industry partners, announced an investment of more than $27 million into a canola breeding project focused on making canola hybrids that produce high protein meal for downstream use. This is the first commercial breeding project focused specifically on protein quality improvement.

The consortium, led by Corteva Agriscience and includes Bunge, a leading canola processor, and Botaneco, will invest $14.05 million, with a $13.6 million investment from Protein Industries Canada. In this project, genetics from Corteva’s breeding programs and public sector sources, such as Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, will identify genes that result in high protein and reduced fibre. High protein products delivered from breeding will be scaled up to provide seeds for processing by Bunge and Botaneco to generate meal and high-value canola protein products, that are more competitive with other plant-based protein sources for human and monogastric markets, including poultry and pork.